When I saw the mini busts Palisades was planning to release, I thought they looked pretty neat. I'm no where near a fan of the busts that have grown in popularity, but I am a G.I.Joe fan. Once the 2 were combined, I guess it made me relook at the whole idea of busts.

After seeing the ones they were planning to release, I saw there wasn't a Zartan bust. I thought it'd be cool if there was one. That got me into thinking about how one might look. I did a drawing of what I thought would look great. From that drawing I decided to get started on making my own. Well one thing stood in the way as soon as I had all my materials ready. I didn't know what size the mini busts actually were. I didn't have one in hand. Because of that, I rethought what I was going to do. I decided to combine all images that's come about through cartoon, comic, and toy. I basically made my own image of Zartan.

I have plans to actually make a Zartan bust in the way I drew a picture. For this reason I decided not to show that picture just yet. I'm waiting to get an actual mini bust in hand so I can make mine exactly to the same scale.

The materials I used to do this are everything from wood to clay. It was easier to just turn a wood base on a laythe than to do it out of clay. Another thing is clay cost more than wood that I have laying around at my disposal.

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